The Onotoroc Ancestry is Here

A new playable type of people, the Onotoroc, is introduced into the worlds of tabletop RPG gaming.

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Fray: Core Set

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The Tassradan Trail: The Future of Fray

We’re thrilled to announce Journey into the Tassradan Trail, the first expansion for our fast-paced strategy game Fray. With it, we’re adding three new suits that feature new abilities that can damage and move units around the battlefield. We’re incredibly excited about movement in particular—which opens up new strategies and opportunities at every stage of the game.

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Did you miss the Parselings Kickstarter?

Parselings fully funded on kickstarter! $23,700 with over 400+ Backers. You can get your digital PDF copy of the Parselings Core Rulebook today! Physical copies are coming soon.

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