Forgotten Havens is announced!

Forgotten Havens is a tabletop RPG "hack" world that is compatible with Mork Borg, published in partnership with Grave Titan Games. Created by Robert Woodruff and Sean Fallon, Lead game design and development by Unity Marine, Forgotten Havens is our first dark fiction title to release with Grave Titan Games.

In a world building game session of Forgotten Havens, Robert and Sean came together to have fun with what was initially planned to be a small zine project that has turned into something more. Originally, the thought was to release Forgotten Havens on a third-party compatible OGL Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, which was later changed to third-part compatibility with Mork Borg.

Forgotten Havens giant attack

Surveys, research, and organic discussions about Forgotten Havens lead to many asking for Forgotten Havens to become compatible with the doom metal system that Free League Publishing and Stockholm Kartell provide, Mork Borg, first, before any other tabletop rpg systems were taken into consideration with possible conversion kits. 

Due to the large amount of unexpected feedback, Forgotten Havens is focused on primarily using the third-party compatibility of Mork Borg.

Sean Fallon said, "Inspiration for Forgotten Havens was pulled from multiple places within the sphere of great dark fiction works, but the few in particular that stood out to me. Personally, my mind kept thinking in regard to Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Diablo. I had to draw it and world build it. It makes sense why so many asked for it to be compatible with Mork Borg." 

Torchbearer combat

Sean Fallon, typically known as Smunchy, has taken up a new role in the aspects of illustration where he will be the lead illustrator working on Forgotten Havens. 

With the Forgotten Havens team leaning hard into Mork Borg compatibility as the primary tabletop rpg system used, Robert Woodruff, typically known as Fenacinni, has spectacularly crafted the world of Forgotten Havens by providing just enough information for players to creatively make the world of Forgotten Havens their own.

"The purposefulness in the vague telling the world of Forgotten Havens is to allow for freedom of movement in the creative space for Game Masters to create and develop their own versions of the setting to fit the story they want to tell about their Havens, both remembered and forgotten.", says Robert.

A forgotten haven

Unity Marine, the lead game designer and developer on Forgotten Havens, is one of the strongest silent influencers and advocates for games like Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. Unity is bringing a plethora of game mechanic knowledge that will be translated into Forgotten Havens, yet still adhering to the simplicity that is the Mork Borg tabletop RPG system.

"I am most excited for the feelings of panic and fear that I and many other players will feel when they delve into forgotten heavens." Marine said, "I want to create something that combines the primal fear instilled in those who have encountered something like the flood from halo, with the sense of tension and wonder created by the moments leading up to a boss fight in games like Dark Souls. You know you should run and you are going to die, but you can't help it, and want to see what this thing can really do, and in learning like Icarus, you may see if you can fly closer to their potential demise for a taste of what they beheld."


Blithe Ward optional class


As we sit tight and wait for the official pre-order and crowdfunding dates, it's needless to say, but will say it anyway, how exciting it is to see Forgotten Havens and the new releases that Grave Titan Games is bringing to the table.