Who or what is Grave Titan Games?

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Grave Titan Games is a Smunchy Games dark fiction focused subsidiary that publishes the dark, wyrd, and zany.

Grave Titan Games will bring three new titles to the table, to start, where all three compatible with either Mork Borg or CY_Borg.

Two of the three new titles have been officially announced, the first being Rift Shifters, illustrated and created by Sean Fallon. The second recently announced, Forgotten Havens, illustrated by Sean Fallon and created in partnership with Robert Woodruff, and collaboration with Unity Marine, lead game design and developer.

Deadwork Ops Rift Shifters


Grave Titan Games, in partnership with Smunchy Games, plan to launch their first pre-order and crowd-funded campaign for Forgotten Havens this year, 2022.

"I've always been a fan of Dark Fiction, ever since I was teen.",  says Sean Fallon, the CEO & Founder of Smunchy Games and Grave Titan Games, "Diablo and Alien specifically were major influences in my life, and based on those inspirations, I want to bring something new to gamers, but with a familiar vibe."

Grave Titan Games has been in the early development phases since 2019 and is finally pulling itself up and out of their slumber for the first time. We expect to see great storytelling, worlds, and games from Grave Titan, setting up a new era of dark fiction tabletop rpg experiences.

Torchbearer fighting a creature from The Whole